Mark Haynes Gentleman Vigneron

Mark Haynes

The Gentleman Vigneron

“My mother is from this region and as a child, I spent every summer holiday from England on the family property that produced simple plonk for the Languedoc wine lake. I loved spending time in the vineyards and the dream to make my own wine started to form.


In 1989, after an entrepreneurial career in antiques, publishing and finance, I bought a house in Aubais. (A case of love at first sight, always a dangerous proposition!) When the opportunity arose to buy 10 hectares of vines in the Liverna valley, I jumped at it, impatient to realise my boyhood dream.

Even friends were discouraging at first, saying it would take at least 7 years to learn the ropes and a decade to produce anything remotely quoffable but I felt a connection to the vines I couldn't explain and was convinced that, by listening to and working with nature rather than against it, we'd get there. Our small but growing list of awards shows we're moving in the right direction.


'Real Wine, Nature's Way' is an 8 minute film directed by award-winning documentary film maker Christophe Fauchère which captures succintly my wine-making philosophy and takes you on a visual tour of the Domaine and its vineyards."