Casimir Rosé

Casimir 2016

A lot more than a swimming pool rosé

Grenache 100%

Our rosé Casimir is made with grenache grapes hand-picked from fifty year old vines. To avoid oxidation, we don't destem and we press rapidly in our pneumatic press. After 24 hours of fining, the juice is vinified at 18°- 20°C using only indigenous yeasts. Bottling takes place as soon as possible, to preserve freshness and fruit.

Alcohol 14.5% Residual Sugar 0.7 g/l Acidity 2.65 g/l


Casimir, alas no one can tell me his surname, was a Camargue cowboy killed over a hundred years ago on his horse Rocinante whilst herding bulls through the streets of Aubais. On the centenary of his demise, I named my rosé Casimir in homage. I've always admired those who take physical risks to bring enjoyment to others - jump jockeys, bull herders and winemakers spring to mind. I can only hope that people remember the pleasure they had drinking my wine, and of course, that of Casimir too.

Forbes Magazine: "A lot more than a swimming pool rosé thanks to its restrained muscularity topped off with a beguiling infusion of strawberries."


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