L'Insoumise 2010

Our Old Vine Carignan.

50% carbonic maceration, 50% traditional vinification.

Yields of between 20 and 35 hectolitres from 60 year old vines.
Hand picked mid August when acidity levels are right.
For carbonic maceration whole bunches are fermented under cover of carbon dioxide to exclude all oxygen. For traditional vinification the bunches are destemmed to avoid any green flavours and heavy tannins. Strict temperature control is the key to successful fruit extraction.
A short maturation in used oak barrels follows.



What the Critics Say...

Gilbert Gaillard Gold Award
Gilbert & Gaillard on L'Insoumise 2010:

"Strong colour. Engaging nose of red fruit flesh with a delicate spicy background. A pleasant, whilst smooth attack, melted and soft, a frank expression of the fruit. A pretty length with a welcome touch of firmness. A Carignan to discover! 87/100"



About the name...

L’Insoumise in the French feminine form means the rebel, the indomitable one. Why name a wine like that?: I will explain. If grape varieties were people a cabernet sauvignon would be your chosen son in law, a chardonnay would be the obliging shop assistant in Tiffany’s, a merlot would be that nice guy you meet at parties, a good mixer, but you never remember his name.

Carignan would be Carmen.

Treat her right and there is no guarantee that she will return the favour. The most lunatic (affected by the phases of the moon) of all the grape varieties, the yields can vary by 50 % from year to year. She drives you to distraction but she is worth the wait.