L'Insoumise 2013



L'Insoumise is made from our venerable carignan vines that are now over 60 years old. The grapes are hand-picked into crates, and after selection are placed in the tank without destemming.Carbonic maceration then proceeds without the addition of yeasts as we rely on our indigenous varieties. The full fermentation takes up to 25 days.

IGP Gard 12% Alcohol

About the name...

'L’insoumise' means 'the rebel' or 'the indomitable one'. You see, if grape varieties were people, a cabernet sauvignon would be your favourite son-in-law, a chardonnay might be the obliging shop assistant in Tiffany, while a merlot would be that nice guy you meet at parties, a good mixer but you never remember his name.

Carignan would be Carmen.

Treat her right and there is no guarantee that she will return the favour. The most highly strung/capricious of all grape varieities, carignan yields can vary by 50% from year to year. She drives you to distraction but she is well worth the wait.

Tasting Notes

A deep violet colour, L'Insoumise has an expansive kirsch-driven nose. In the mouth, there's an explosion of flavours of red fruit and garrigue plants, with surprising length.

Awards for L'Insoumise

Gilbert Gaillard Gold Award

Wine Information Sheet

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